Straight Shooter SOLD 
Streamfeeder Reliant  Friction Feeder  with new gum rubber belts
Surefeed Friction feeders- ECO 1200, FF14, FF20  

1998 H & H 78cm, Eight plate folder unit, Eight page format, Electronic variable height, Post slitters, Pre Slitters, glue rollers Will price “AS IS “ with roller recovery or without   SOLD!!

2000 H&H 54cm (18”) 281 slit / scoring unit 

Robatech  #136086 Power Supply Modules 24VDC, 60 Watts, For Concepts and Concept B New Opened Packages
Cold Glue Pressure Tank with pressure regulation for glue heads and tip seals
Robatech UK Slot Coat Head For Applying Remoist Glue
Robatech Hot melt hoses
Robatech Concept B/4 (4 channel Tank)  new encoder and photocell with 3 guns and brackets and cart    

Profold LINX 3 RH Tabber with variable height and bump-turn reconditioned with new belts, bearings and shafts as needed.

Profold Linx 1 LH Tabber  reconditioned with new belts, bearings and shafts as needed.

Stahl GWG 66    (Remoist Hang on Exit Table)
Model 220 Servo Driven Rotary Placer

We always have an inventory of vacuum bases, inserters, tabbers, feeders and inkjet systems ect.
Call us when you are looking for equipment chances are good we can supply you with want is needed.
2018 Used Equipment  (Please Call as inventory changes daily)
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