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Profold Dual Head Foot Tabber
Profold’s Head-To-Foot Tabber Systems are designed to provide in-line production for tabbing the head and foot of mail products in a single pass.

The system can be operated as a system or the Master unit can be removed and used as a stand-alone unit. The integrated docking station permits easy setup for various size products and will provide improved production time, reduce operator interfacing and a good ROI on your equipment investment.


    Only Industry proven Head & Foot Tabbing System
    Over seven (7) years of reliability and production service
    Proven cost effective, industry leading tabbing technology
    Increase production time with less “down-time” for maintenance
    Able to consistently place 1-8 tabs on in a single pass
    Tightest sealed tabs in industry with patented “Twist-Belt” assembly
    Comes ready to run 1½” to 2″ tabs as directed in new USPS “Letter Size Booklet Standards” going into effect September 2009
    Master unit can be taken off-line and operated as a Stand Alone unit
    Operator can control system from Master unit
    Tabbers accurately place tabs, stamps, labels, and Post-it notes.
    Post-it notes will require adaptor kit installed
    Electronic controller controls accurate tab placement
    Throughput = 30k pieces per hour (Based on 1 piece, with 2 tabs)
    Integrated electronics- One E-Stop function provides greater safety
    Mechanically linked by integrated “Docking” station:
    Provides quick set-up changes for different product sizes
    Operator-friendly equipment is easy to use.
    Web rewind unit (Linx) or Venturi (RSC) for offloading webbing
    Over 2,500 Profold Tabbers in service today
    Warranty: One year on all Profold parts excluding consumables

The Profold Head & Foot Tabber Systems are the ONLY industry proven system on the market today.

Don’t settle for an unproven solution to your Head & Foot Tabbing applications when you can go with the proven industry leader in Tabbing Technology - Profold, Inc.
Solutions Provider for the Printing Industry, Mailing Industry and Packaging Industry