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Profold Linx Pro Plus

The LINX PRO+ TABBER is Profold’s newest addition to its Tabber line-up and has been designed to respond to customer requests we’ve received for a Tabber that combines the proven abilities of the Linx Tabber family with the new benefits provided by the RSC Tabber without increasing the price.

Well, here it is, The New LINX PRO+TABBER!

The LINX PRO+ TABBER provides improved production, reduced operator interfacing, better ROI and gives the customer the ability to “customize” their Tabber the way they want it. They can now add the options they want.

Standard Features/Benefits

    Single 19″ Spool
    Simplified web threading (reduces “down time” for spool changes)
    Can easily apply 1.5″ tabs (per new USPS specifications)
    Patented “Twist-Belt” sealing assembly
    Tightest and most accurate tab placement on the market
    Able to place one to four (1-4) tabs in a single pass
    New control module provides accurate placement of tabs to 1/8th inch
    Placement of tabs, stamps, labels, and Post-it Notes. (Post-it Notes require installation of optional 4.5″ label kit)
    Air fed Venturi (Waste web removal unit)
    Self Calibrating Tab Sensor
    Improved and easily upgradeable software
    Estimated throughput = 30k pieces per hour (See Specification)
    Operator-friendly equipment is easy to use
    Over 2,500 Profold Tabbers in service today

Available Options:

    Available in Head & Foot configuration
    Height Adjustable Transport Table
    Bump-turn units - Both entry and exit units are height adjustable
    On-board air pumps for Venturi (if shop air not available)
    Rewind Unit (Waste web removal unit)
    6″ color touch screen
    Remote diagnostic capability
    Bi-lingual operator instructions (requires 6″ touch screen)
    4.5″ Label Kit
    220v Electrical Configuration

Warranty: One year, on all Profold parts excluding consumables

Profold Tabbers offer the BEST ROI and are production proven!

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