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Robatech RobaPur 20 MOD 

The RobaPur units are melting and pumping reactive one component polyurethane (PUR-hotmelts). These are moisture curing and thus the entire system has to be sealed and airtight accordingly.
MOD (Melting on Demand) Technology

The newest Generation is equipped with the „Melting On Demand” Technology with a cooled melting grill. MOD is featuring the following advantages:

    Constant product quality thanks to a constant viscosity of the adhesive
    Uninterrupted production on topping up
    No PUR wasted

RobaPur 20 MOD

    Suitable for processing adhesive blocks from 20-litre drums with or without inner liner.
    Precise metering with 1 or 2 gear pumps, 6 types
    Compatible with Robatech Pumps, ICS-electronics, pattern control and accessories

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