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Profold Linx DX Tabber
Profold’s LINX family of tabbers consists of three models; LINXDX, LINX and LINXH. These are all high production floor model units designed for multiple shift operation. These units are perfect for inline tabbing/wafer sealing for postal sealing wiht stitchers, perfect binder, buckle folders and mail base units. The LINXDX is the only tabber with a built-in height adjustable register table that can be raised or lowered to match the passline of most mailroom equipment. The patented bump-turn assembly is used for in line operation with folders, three knife trimmers or other equipment where the product needs to be turned ninety degrees prior to tabbing or labeling.

Profold’s onboard electronic controller governs accurate tab placement at up to 30,000 pieces per hour* single or double tabbed. The LINXH shares the features of the LINXDX, except that it has no bump-turn. The primary use of this model is to run inline with conventional inserters to apply stamps on envelopes. The LINX was designed to run inline with ink jet addressing equipment and/or office with a feeder or other document-feeding device.


    Patented twist-belt achieves the tightest and most accurate tab placement Patented in-feed Bump-Turn allows the DX to run in line with folders, stitcher/trimmers, etc
    Patented Auto-Place feature maintains operators pre-set tab placement regardless of product length (at a constant belt speed).
    24/7 duty cycle
    Low tab sensor pauses unit so the operator can quickly splice in a fresh tab roll
    Accepts all USPS approved automated sizes
    Slide tab heads over and apply labels flat on the product or seal a gatefold. Apply marketing stickers, “piggybacks” or USPS self-adhesive stamps
    Unique registering allows the unit to tab difficult products like folded, multi-page, newspaper flyers/catalogs with shingled edges or smaller digest size booklets
    Profold’s optional stripper extension kit allows larger labels up to 4 ¼” to be applied
    Mounted on adjustable locking casters for easy moving
    Profold Tabbers can be run inline with each other to create a closed piece on three sides
    Maximum number of tabs in a single pass is nine
    Warranty: One year on all Profold parts excluding normal wear parts


    2 ½” or 4 ½” Label Extension Kits
    In line high-speed tabbing, folding and addressing systems; GPS 4000, FPS 2000, AMP 1050 and AMP 1025
    Spare Parts Kit
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