Camera System For Matching, Read and Print and Verification Applications

          DVMC or Data Verification & Machine Control is a PC based camera system intended for the  mailing industry. The DVMC
collects data from images acquired by its cameras, or acquired by external scanners and from database files. All data is manipulated
and buffered then compared for matching or any other type of evaluation required by customer. Machine control is achieved by
the use of internal or external hardware IO modules and PLC.

        Acquisition and image processing speed is determinate by system performance and mechanical      
        limitations. On fair quality material and print, >15,000 images/pages per hour is expected.

          System Configuration.
PC Intel MB, Intel I5 CPU, Windows 7 Pro, 8GB memory, 500GB HD, 2 com ports.
CMOS cameras USB interface with external trigger.
Camera mounts.
LED lights continuous duty.
Lights power supply.
Trigger/encoder interface board.
Three channel digital encoder.
Stop circuitry.
Scanner or CMOS USB camera for channel 1.
Data and triggers cables harness, lights cables.
DVMC software.
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