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Robatech Granule Feeder CF
Robatech’s automatic feeding system ensures direct filling of the melting tank with granulate from a separately placed container. The granulate feeder is suitable for all Robatech hotmelt applicators as well as devices of other manufacturers.

The automatic feeding system is intended for filling of hotmelt applicators with granulate from a separate container. The system is controlled by the tank level supervision which transmits a signal to the control releasing the filling cycle when more granulate is required. With Robatech appliances the granulate feeder is controlled directly by the electronics of the appliance. With foreign appliances a separate control takes care of this. The system monitors the stock of granulate and the filling process, stops automatically in case of a nonconformity and activates a corresponding message. Robatech’s system is gentle on the adhesive because small quantities are conveyed when required only.

Granule feeding
The suction tube is inserted in the container holding the adhesive granulate. The integrated venturi generates a negative pressure with the effect that the granules are attracted and fed. The shaking device fitted to the suction tube supports the suction process. In case of a very sticky granulate, feeding can be further optimized by means of an additional optional vibrator at the container.

    Time saving thanks to automatic filling process • No standstill due to empty tank
    No overfilling of the tank
    No contact with hot melting tank and melted material
    Less temperature strains
    No contamination of the adhesive thanks to the closed system
    No vapours thanks to the slide in the tank cover
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