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All systems are capable of wrapping either on the Front Side or Rear Side.
Equipment can be ordered as a (2-inch) Standard System or (4-inch) Wide Head System.
All systems are Dual Head Ready for electrically linking the control of two machines. (Kit required, to link 2 units.)
Special Systems with Auxiliary Electrical Controls on the Rear Side of the unit available upon request.
Product Names
Ameritek Tabber - Standard Ameritek Tabber - Wide
Minimum Product Size: 3 ½” x 5” (USPS minimum) Maximum Product Size: 13 ½” x 17” long
Minimum Thickness: 0.007” (USPS minimum) Maximum Thickness: 7/16”
General Backer is 1/16” - ¼” larger than tab/label
Typical gap between tabs/labels is 1/8” to 1/16”
Minimum Width ¾” backer width
Maximum Width 2” backer width. (4 ½ “ backer width with Wide Head System)
Minimum Pitch ¾”
Maximum Pitch 7”
Types Machine grade paper, clear, or translucent.
NOTE: Clear and translucent tabs require an “engineered backer” with printed
registration marks for indexing. Wide or narrow registration marks can be used.
Narrow registration marks are preferred.
Roll Size Up to 19 ½” diameter mounted on a 3” core
Approximately 40,000 1” tabs
Transport Belt Speed 0 to 600 Ft./min
Tabbing Head speed 0 to 375 Ft./min
Production Rate Up to 40,000 pieces per hour (single tab on 8 ½” length product)
Up to 26,000 pieces per hour (double tabs on 8 ½” length product)
Up to 18,000 pieces per hour (triple tabs on 8 ½” length product)
** Booklet Mode** Up to 30,000 pieces per hour (1-1/2” single tab on 5” height product)
** Booklet Mode** Up to 18,000 pieces per hour (1-1/2” double tabs on 5” height product)
Application Speeds Transport belt speeds of 0 to 600 Ft/min for tabs < 2” in pitch
Transport belt speeds of 0 to 375 Ft/min for tabs > 2” in pitch
Tab Placement +/- 1/8” repeatability
Automatic Placement Complies with USPS specifications for tab placement and application.
Guards and interlocks Product is guarded so that accidental personal injury cannot occur while operating as
prescribed by The User’s Guide provided with system.
EMC: FCC Part 15 Class A ESD: IEC 61000-4-2 (+/- 8KV air, +/- 4 KV direct discharge)
Physical Size
System Length: 37” System Width: 33” System Height: 71”
Tabletop Height: 32 ¾” to 35” or 35 ¾” to 38” with optional casters
Weight: 450Lbs. Approx.
Electrical Requirements
Voltage/ Current 115 VAC @ 10 amps
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