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Robatech ECXM Series Cold Glue Jetting Heads
The application heads of series ECXM are electromagnetically-controlled glue heads for rapid dot or line applications at high machine speeds. They work with adhesive pressures up to 25 bar and viscosities up to 2,500 mPas.

The ECXM application heads are intended for the application of dispersion-type adhesives. The heads are actuated electromagnetically, i.e. there is no need for an additional pneumatic hose, which facilitates the entire installation. Thanks to their high switching frequency the heads are particularly suitable for precise applications at high speeds, whereby the maximum glue pressure amounts to 25 bar and the viscosity to 2,500 mPas.

Modular structure
The heads of type ECXM are available in diffferent versions:

    with short or long nozzle
    with or without cover slide
    with different nozzle diameters
    with different brackets

The basic module is the same in all versions. This modularity results in lower costs thanks to interchangeability, convenient operation and maintenance as well as simple conversion or removal.

    Glue pressure max.: 25bar
    Glue viscosity max.: 2,500mPas
    Max. switching frequency: 500 per second
    Operating voltage: 6 Volt DC
    Rated capacity: 5 Watt
    Nozzle diameters: 0.3/0.4/0.6/0.8mm
    Recommended pattern control: Robatech IK40 or AS60
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