Model 220 Rotary Placer
Key Placer Specs and method of operation

Model 220 Rotary Placer -The placer is a horizontal single arm, two head stand alone rotary placer. Each head has one stem with a single bellows vacuum cup. The placer arm is driven by a servo motor and right angle gearbox. The placement of product is controlled by the servo controller and the system has a touch screen HMI operator interface, which allows for a variety of options and applications. The placer is equipped with a surface speed encoder and photoeye to detect sheets of paper for product placement. In the standard placer operation the arm is stopped in the “home”positions to wait for sheets on the conveyor. When a sheet is detected, the placer arm starts to rotate and accelerates to match the speed of the vacuum cup with the speed of the sheet of paper. An air cylinder is commanded to position a key in the escapement and withdraw for clearance of the vacuum cup. The vacuum is turned on, the vacuum cup contacts the key and the rotation of the arm removes the key from the escapement. The position of the rotary arm is adjusted during rotation; to release the key onto the sheet of paper at the required distance past the
leading edge of the sheet. The servo controller is programmed to make minor adjustments for variations in conveyor belt speed and in the absolute location of the leading edge of the sheet.

Keys, Coins, Leaflets, Coupons, Labels, etc.

Min. width = 1/2” Min. height = 1/2”
Max. width = 3” Max height = 2”
(Dimensions inside the magazine, larger sizes available upon request)

The rotary placer will cycle two hundred (200) per minute continuous motion and 120 per minute intermittent. Output is dependent on the handling characteristics of the product and the process limitations.

• One (1) Inclined Product Magazine (36”L)
• Adjustable Vacuum Generator (compressed air required)
• Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum Enclosure
• One (1) Operators Manual
• One product set up, test and video tape

• 220 volt 60 Hz. electricity
• 5 CFM OF 60 - 80 psi clean dry compressed air
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