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Gremser Deep Pile Feeder F4
•  High performance single sheet feeder up to 36,000 sheets per hour
•  High loading capacity with sheet separation from top of the pile
•  Safe sheet separation with separation head and vacuum wheel
•  Material (Paper, Film etc.) from 60g/m² to 250g/m²
•  Range of formats from DIN A5 up to 80x120cm

Standard Equipment

•   In–feed height EH=1000mm
•   Pile carrier for up to 800mm pile 7kN load
•   Vacuum wheel ∅145mm
•   Separation device TK-KS with double vacuum cups
•   Automatic height adjustment for separation head TK
•   left and right side blowers at the entrance towards the SAT
•   Register table SAT110 (SAT140)
•   Ultra sonic double sheet detection DSC-US
•   Line 230/400V±10% 50Hz, L1, L2, L3, N, PE

Product Options

    Compressor for pressure air and vacuum
    Integrated drive via inverter
    Preloading cart
    Mobil undercarriage
    no side alignment table but transfer shaft
    no side alignment table but transfer belt conveyor
    Fixed in-feed side (lateral adjustment for vacuum wheel or belt)
    Batch counter VZG
    Remote control EBP
    Line 220±10% 50/60Hz, L1, L2, L3, PE
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