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Robatech RobaPress Pur Block Melter

The 2kg block melter processes polyurethane hotmelts to fill glue tanks on edge banding machines, automatic book binding machines etc. without dry air.

The block melter is used to fill glue tanks on edge banding machines, automatic book bin- ding machines, etc., with PUR hotmelt. The appliance serves to melt polyurethane hotmelt which must not come into contact with the ambient air during storage and conditioning for processing.
Functioning of the appliance

After the appliance is switched on, it is heated to the defined readiness temperature. If the fill level in the glue tank is too low, the block melter is heated to the programmed operating temperature. As soon as this higher tempera- ture is reached, the cover slide opens and the pressing cylinder presses the PUR block onto the melting grate. The contact pressing and melting process lasts until the glue tank is full again. In the interest of gentle handling of the PUR adhesive the appliance’s temperature is reduced to the readiness value again as soon as the glue tank is full. The pressing cylinder stops immediately after filling and the cover slide closes again to ensure that no ambient air reaches the block of PUR.

Refilling a PUR block

When a block of PUR is used up, the pressing cylinder is moved up to the mechanical end position so that the block holder can be swivelled out. The inliner (aluminium packaging) is now removed from the new PUR block, the block is pressed into the holder and the holder is swivelled in again. The appliance is now ready again for melting/filling.
Features and advantages

    Melting on demand
    No unneeded temperature stress
    Easy filling of glue tanks with PUR
    No dry air necessary
    All parts coming into contact with the adhesive feature a release coating

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