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Robatech ECXNS Series Cold Glue Jetting Heads

The Robatech ECXNS cold glue heads are electrically operated glue application heads offering extremely high switching frequencies. They are suitable for low-viscosity dispersion glues up to 500 mPas and a pressure of up to 6 bar.

The Robatech ECXNS cold glue application heads are intended to apply dispersion adhesives in low-pressure systems. They enable precise dot and line applications and are particularly suitable for folders machines, mailers and printing machines.

Thanks to their very high switching frequency they lend themselves especially for precise applications at high speeds, whereby the maximum glue pressure is 6 bar and the maximum viscosity 500 mPas. The heads are actuated electromagnetically and accordingly require no additional electrovalve. This has very positive effects on the entire installation.

Easy handling
The Robatech ECXNS cold glue heads feature an integrated nozzle cover slide which prevents drying up of the nozzle in case of standstill. The heads are of a very compact and narrow execution and can be accommodated in any system. For perfect metering of the applied quantity the heads are equipped with a fine adjustment in standard version.

Various accessories such as glue hoses, air and glue distributors, suspensions and pressure controllers, etc. permit to adapt the cold glue heads in an optimal manner.
Technical data

    Glue pressure: 1…6 bar
    Glue viscosity max.: 500mPas
    Switching frequency max.: 600 per second
    Operating voltage: 6 Volt DC
    Nozzle cover slide: standard
    Nozzle diameters: 0.3/0.4/0.6mm
    Suitable pattern controls: Robatech IK40 or AS60
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