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Robatech Jetting Heads SX
The proven SX- and AX100 jetting heads are applying low- to medium viscose hotmelts very precise and without stringing in form of dots or bead pattern. The pneumatically actuated applicator heads are characterized by their high reliability, a minimal need for maintenance and the modular structure.

Jetting Heads SX
Small dimensions - ideal for smallest space conditions and box formats
Fast switching - higher machine speeds
Excellent cut-off - no tripping or stringing
Integrated filter  - prevents nozzle blocking
Double acting jetting elements
Long lifetime

“Cool Touch”  Surface - Enhanced Operator Protection
Constant temperature control and no viscosity fluctuations
Reduced energy consumption up to 60% compared to standard application heads -resulting in remarkable cost savings

Robatech systems are featuring

    Full modularity and compatibility, system solutions by combining modules
    Few spare parts needed
    Field proven products, low maintenance cost, low life cycle cost
    Swiss quality
SX Diamond Advantages
• Constant temperature control             and no viscosity fluctuations
• Reduced energy consumption
• Improved protection of persons
• Short switch-over times
• Excellent tear-off behavior
• Small installation dimensions
• No blocked nozzles thanks to filter
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