Profold RSC (Rapid Spool Change) Tabber

The RSC Tabber (Rapid Spool Change) was designed to provide more production time between loading spools, simplify the tabbing process, reduce operator interfacing and provide the best ROI in the market today.


    Provides cost effective tabbing technology.
    Bi-Lingual Operator Instructions- Currently in English and Spanish
    Increase production time by at least one hour per day
    Dual Spools provide greater number of tabs available for production
    Greater throughput = faster job turn around on time-sensitive mailings
    Able to store over 100 jobs for repetitive jobs
    Has simplified threading path that reduces down time for spool changing
    Six inch color touch screen monitor

    Lower cost due to:
        Lower manual labor requirements
        More ergonomically correct, reducing worker’s compensation and insurance claims.
        Applies tabs, labels, stamps and post-it notes
    Operator-friendly equipment is easy to use.
    Apply 1 to 8 tabs in one pass
    Tightest and most accurate tab placement on the market
    Able to place clear tabs tighter due to “TWIST-BELT” function
    Patented “Twist-Belt” sealing function provides tightest tab seal
    Has new Venturi for offloading web
    Improved security levels
    Reduced set up time

    Warranty: One year on all Profold parts excluding consumables

The RSC Tabber offers the best ROI for a production tabber available on the market today.