Profold Cross-Core Bulk Wafer Seal/Tab Loading System

The new USPS 1.5? tab regulations for booklet size mail are here and roll changes will become more cumbersome as you have to change rolls more often during production. The Cross Core Bulk wafer seal/ tab loading system is a revolutionary new approach to providing wafer seals/ tabs to your Wafer Sealer/ Tabber. Increase your production time, reduce operator interfacing and provide the best ROI possible.

The new Cross Core Tabbing System provides Extended tabbing operations and all the reliability, 24/7 production capabilities that the Profold equipment is known to deliver.

The New Cross Core Tabbing System provides “immediate” relief by eliminating the need to stop your production lines to change tab rolls. You will be able to run your lines for hours, allowing you to drastically increase your throughput without having to spend more money on additional production lines and labor.

The system can be placed in a wide range of positions to provide easy access for roll loading. It requires no electronic integration to the tabbing platform being used. Can be used with all major brands of wafer sealing/ tabbing equipment, Kirk-Rudy, Buskro, Videojet, Ameritech and Labelaire.

Imagine having 8 rolls worth of tabs available for your production line tabber! Think of the savings in labor, time and the increase in your company's production.

When the Cross Core Tabbing System is combined with a new Profold RSC Tabber, you will have a competitive edge over your competition and a GREAT return on investment.

The RSC with the CCTS, will provide continuous tabbing, an economically designed and industry proven production unit that comes standard with bilingual operator instruction capabilities, color touch screen and many more improved functions.